Next Generation Facebook Offers Now Here – At A Cost

I have been advocating the use of Facebook Offers since they were released to selected Facebook Pages in April. I have used them for several of my retail clients and found their viral nature to be work extremely well.
The original Facebook Offers were only available for Pages where the business had a physical location that you could check in to and had over 400 Fans. Once you had access to Offers, though you could use them as often as you wanted, and best of all they were FREE.
One of the Facebook Offers I ran on a client’s Page led to over 13,000 redemptions in less than 24 Hours, it also doubled their Page Likes and drove masses of traffic in store. This was amazing leverage from a FREE Facebook feature, and I think they are a great marketing opportunity for most businesses.
Yesterday, I saw the feature pop up on my own Facebook Page and got excited that Facebook seemed to be making the feature more widespread. When I clicked on the announcement on my Page, I was disappointed to see that you can use the Offers feature once, but then you better get your credit card ready because they are charging for the privilege after that.
The good news is you can select to you Facebook Offers for an Online or Offline offer and you now have the opportunity to enter a redemption code, which was not previously available.
In this introductory phase, it appears that Facebook has a “Sale” on the price of Offers, and are showing discounted rates for placement depending on how many fans you wish to target. If you want to hit between 1,000 and 3,000 fans it is free. Keep in mind you need to have at least 400 Fans on your Page before you have access to Offers, and I’m not sure how long the discount prices will apply.
Facebook may only be rolling these out progressively, so if you don’t have this feature yet and your Facebook Page has more than 400 Fans, you should be getting it soon. Check this link for more information

How To Use New Generation Facebook Offers

  1. Go To Your Posting Space and Click Offer/Event
  2. Select whether you want the Offer to be redeemed In Store, Online or Both
  3. If the offer is redeemable Online, enter the web address where the offer is redeemable as well as any Redemption Code (this is a great feature for tracking and limiting offers.
  4. Complete the Offer Basics: Upload A Thumbnail Image (90×90), Create a Headline, Offer Details and Call To Action. You will also need to fill in detailed Terms and Conditions to ensure there is no confusion for either your team or your customers. You enter a limited number of redemptions and the expiry date here.
  5. Check the Preview and make sure it displays as you want it to, especially make sure the image displays correctly, because it automatically get resized if it is not a square. You will also get a preview of the Offer emailed to your Facebook email address, so check that this is how you expected before you confirm.
  6. Next Step is to hit Set Budget and decide what you’d like to allocate to promoting your offer. This will depend on the number of fans you have on your Page and what your budget is. Once selected, Facebook will drip the offer out to the audience you select over 3 days, unless you check the box that says you want to promote it using Facebook Ads instead. You will need to nominate a valid credit card or Paypal address if you haven’t already set up a Facebook Ads account.

It’s not really surprising with all the pressure Facebook has on generating revenue in their IPO year that they have chosen to start charging for Facebook Offers. They do offer great viral potential and could well be worth testing.
Have you got the new Facebook Offers yet? If you’ve tried them, what kind of results did you get. I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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4 Responses to Next Generation Facebook Offers Now Here – At A Cost
  1. Dennis Rosenberg
    September 20, 2012 | 2:42 pm

    Great, timely and actionable FB info (as always from you Victoria), thank you!

  2. Celina
    September 20, 2012 | 10:47 pm

    Facebook Offers are great and it is a shame that pages will soon have to pay to use them, however Facebook is a business too so you can understand, I guess. On the up side it might make some businesses think twice before posting an offer just because they can. For me personally I like the idea of the offer being ‘exclusive’ to Facebook fans.

    One retailer that I follow used to post an offer every day, however the offer was widely available in store. So even though you had redeemed the offer there was no real need to present it in store for a discount. For me personally (as a customer) once I saw this, there was no need for me to ‘claim the offer’ in future. I think this defeats the purpose and diminishes the value of offers. It probably worked well for this particular retailer the first few times but I have noticed they no longer advertise their deals like this…. interesting.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how other pages start using them.

    • Victoria Gibson
      September 22, 2012 | 12:14 pm

      I agree, Celina. Offer work best for exclusive discounts and the need to present the offer is often the big thrill for the customer!

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